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Monday ( सोमवार ) 3/6/2024
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1 ओपन 2 जोडी 2 पत्ती
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Matka Free Game

    • 3-6-2024
    • KALYAN
    • [ 1 ] [ 6 ]
    • [ 12 ] [ 17 ] [ 62 ] [ 67 ]
    • [ 100 ] [ 150 ]
    • कल्याण और मैंने बाजार
    • मिलान डे और मिलान नाईट
    • राजधानी डे और राजधानी नाईट
    • टाइम बाजार में अगर अप्पको पासिंग गेम चलिए थो
    • 5500/- एडवांस फीस है
    • सिंगल जोड़ी और पट्टी मिलेगा फिक्स 100% कन्फर्म
    • कॉल एडमिन सर
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    • 3-6-2024
    • [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
    • 3-6-2024
    • [ 2 ] [ 7 ]
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    • [ 110 ] [ 160 ]
    Free game 8 baje aayega

    • 3-6-2024
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    Free game 8 baje aayega

    • 3-6-2024
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    Free game 8 baje aayega

    • 3-6-2024
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    • 3-6-2024
    • [ 0 ] [ 5 ] [ 2 ] [ 7 ]
    • [ 03 ] [ 08 ] [ 52 ] [ 57 ]
    • [ 23 ] [ 28 ] [ 73 ] [ 78 ]
    • [ 280 ] [ 357 ] [ 228 ] [ 377 ]

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  • Sridevi close 3 pass
  • Time Bazar open 4 pass
  • Time Bazar close 1 pass
  • Milan day open patti 356 pass
  • Milan day open 4 pass
  • Kalyan open patti 149 pass
  • Kalyan open 4 pass
  • Klayan single jodi 48 pass
  • Kalyan close 8 pass
  • Milan night open patti 237 pass
  • Milan night open 2 pass
  • Rajdhani night open jodi 40 pass
  • Main Bazar open 8 pass
  • Milan Bazar close 9 pass
  • Kalyan Night open 6 pass
  • Kalyan Night close patti 450 pass
  • Kalyan Night close 9 pass

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Q1: When did Satta Matka start?

Ans: The first time that we played Satta Matka in India is thought to have been before independence. At the time, Satta Matka was played traditionally. With the rising technological advancements, Satta Matka can be played online, but in the past, Satta Matka was not played online. In the past, there were slips placed inside the pot, and numbers were drawn from them. Because of the use of Matka in the beginning, the game is still known as Satta Matka. In the beginning, betting was based on the cost of cotton. Cotton was transported from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange through teleprinters. The betting system was based on the opening and closing prices of cotton.

Q2: How do I learn Satta Matka?

Ans: Nowadays, the majority of Matka games are played via the Internet. It can be played via a variety of apps and websites. Even though playing Satta Matka is not legally permitted in Bharatam, it is one of the largest businesses in India. Millions of people are playing it in secret. The player must choose among a variety of numbers before placing bets on them. The player will be considered to be winning only if you select the right number then you’ll get a prize of money.

Q3: What is Matka Satta?

Ans: Satta Matka is a sort of lottery. It was first introduced before the period of Indian independence when it was called Ankada Jugar. Satta Matka, also known as Madhur Matka, has a long history in India dating back to the 1960s and was later changed with various methods of making random numbers, such as the use of slips taken from an earthenware vessel known as a matka or watching the game. Matka gambling is not legal in India.

Q4: What factors do the winnings of a Satta Matka game depend on?

Ans: Satta Matka is a gambling game that is extremely well-known in India. It is also an important thing. However, winning strategies for the game differ in their nature depending on the opinions of different people. Some believe it is based on luck; others believe it is won simply by guessing the right jodi chart number. Some say winning the Satta Matka game depends on luck as well as the right prediction of the correct number in matka king.

Q5: Why Should You Use As Your Best Kalyan Satta Matka Website?

Ans: gives Satta Matka Fast Results. We are also creating a betting web page for the Matka game. We also provide the platform for this forum, which will assist anyone in need. We encourage our customers to be aware of the outcomes and their forecasts to enable them to find the most profitable bets. We provide advice and tips to our clients on how to earn excellent profits from this game. This is the perfect time to experience the fastest Kalyan Matka outcomes, unexpectedly and precisely. We've got the Satta Matka website, which is believed to have the best results and is trusted throughout the entire process. We are the fastest-growing Satta Matka website in India. We also provide results and times for all video games that may be entirely based on the Satta Matka Report and Kalyan. You can access fast Satta Results Rajdhani, Satta Matka Report Results, Main Ratan, Time Bazar Jodi, Madhur Matka, and extras here. We provide recommendations to play Kalyan Matka, which offers quicker outcomes than other Matka websites, which offer an unbeatable selection of matkas that could be luckier. We are happy to say that the Satta Matka website is an enjoyable source of entertainment and a means for our gamblers, and it provides interlocking and integrating pressure to gamblers across the world.


In the primary form of the game, Satta Matka or Madhur Matka could occur during the closing and opening periods of cotton that are sent by the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange via teleprinters.

In 1961, the New York Cotton Exchange halted the classes, making the punters seek out alternative methods for keeping the Matka industry in business. Rattan Khatri announced the opening and closing of the fanciful objects. Satta Matka Numbers were written on pieces of paper and then placed in the market, an enormous earthen pot. The player was then required to draw a chit and announce the winners. Over time, the rules changed with the intention that three numbers be taken from a deck of cards, but the term "Matka" was not changed.

In 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat began the Worli matka. Rattan Khatri presented the New Worli Matka in 1964 with minor changes to the rules for the sport. Kalyanji Bhagat satta matka or Madhur

Matka was in operation every day of the week, whereas Ratan Khatri's matka only ran five days a week, from Monday through Friday. The 1990s and the 1980s saw Matka's business reach its peak. There will be a huge amount of gambling each month, around Rs. 500 crores. The Mumbai Police's huge arrests of the "Satta Matka," also known as "Madhur Matka sanctums," forced vendors to move their premises closer to the city's outskirts. A big part of them migrated to Gujarat, Rajasthan, and different states. The Satta Matka and the Madhur Matka go In the absence of any significant source of betting in the city, such as Satta Matka or Madhur Matka, gamblers are drawn into various sources of betting, for instance betting on the internet and in lotteries. Meanwhile, wealthy punters began to research betting on cricket games.

In 1995, there were more than 2000 bookies, both primary and mid-time, as well as Satta Matka and Madhur Matka players, from the city and the towns around it. From that point on, the number has dropped significantly, to less than 300. Satta Matka, the cutting-edge Madhur Matka business, is centered around Maharashtra.

Q7: How to play Satta Matka?

Indian Matka betting is a fundamental game that is a form of lottery. The game was invented as Matka and played by Ratan Khatri, dating back to the 1970s. It was popular up through the 1990s. You could visit a market called a satta to play the game. The game isn't played as often nowadays, and Satta Matka is mostly played throughout the regions of India in addition to Saudi Arabia.

Play Satta Matka on the web or offline. It is also possible to play regular Satta Matka Market. SattaMatka is a game that involves conjecturing numbers ranging from zero to nine. With just a few models and training, anyone can become an expert in Satta Matka.

  • Pick Numbers
  • You choose (3) Three numbers between zero and nine. For example, 4, 3, and 6 could be the first number you pick randomly. For more substance, the numbers are added together, and a final Satta Matka number is given. In this case, the number is 14. The only digit you use is this one and the remaining one. For this kind, it would be the number 4. Therefore, your first draw will be 4, 3, 6, and 4.
  • The second set of numbers can also be drawn. They are drawn precisely similarly to the primary draw. In a purely hypothetical model, let's assume that the number is 8. This will give us an aggregate of 18; again, we only use the last digit, which means that our final option to use the Matka arrangement is 8, 2, 8 * 8.
  • The last card we have would look like the following: 5, 3, 6 * 4 X 8, 2, 8 * 8. Here is a sample card that you could find in the Matka game.
  • To win in Matka Satta, players will have various rates of payout, ranging between 9/1 and 9999/1. You can place bets on the chance of all numbers that will come toward the main number, the final, or other bets allowed by the Matka betting bookmaker. Therefore, it is likely to be attractive because of the payout options; however, the game is essentially a roll of the dice that can be beaten. The game is based on karma and the belief that luck will win; however, many people are a bit erratic with their numbers and regularly play them in a way that is similar to the game of Matka.
  • The Satta betting expert should bet a maximum of five percent of the bet amount and expect you to be successful. Since the game is fate and neither the professional nor the bettor profit, the bookmaker must take an additional 5% from every rupee placed. Bets that are too heavy on a particular number or a combination of numbers could be risky. If those numbers show up, the bookmaker will likely disappear because he won't be able to take the bets.
  • When the numbers and cards are selected in large part between 9 and midnight and the winners are declared, This is how the payout will occur.
  • Illustration of a 10-Rupee Bet
  • Pick the correct first number drawn: 9 x Your Bet for 10 Raises = 90R. The next number you draw is 9 x Your Bet from 10 Raises, or 90 Rs. Pick the center number (the Jodi) and the main number that is right in the mix: 90 x your bet = 900 Rs. Play live lottery games today!

Q8: Matka's guessing format

Matka guessing is helpful to determine the matka's batting players. In the meantime, intellectuals have offered some estimates for the next lucky number to be used for the entire week or just a few days, and the Matka guessing technique is extremely well-liked by people. Utilizing the gassing form, the player puts his bat down. Many players continue to guess all day long regarding the Matka Guessing Forum and the Matka Chart. Matka Guessing Form and Matka Chart They pick the lucky number from their predictions and begin the process by which they achieve results. As the game progresses, more curiosity is generated among players regarding panels and guessing forms.

Q9: How do I get Matka Jodi?

There isn't any advice or formula for it. The success of obtaining the Matka Jodi depends on the number you pick. Try to pick the most promising set of numbers.

Q10: Is an online Satta Matka legal in India?

Satta Matka is a traditional gambling game from India that continues to be popular nowadays, which is why some states in India have made the game legal, but with some limitations.

Q11: What is the meaning of "Satta Matka"?

The Satta Matka game is based on an etymological definition of Single: Any number that is between 9 and 0.

Q12: How do you take part in playing the MatkaSatta game?

Matka Satta begins with the player choosing the first three numbers. The players can choose a number between 0 and 9, such as 1, 5, 7, or 1. The three numbers are added together: 1 + 5 + 7 = 13. The first digit of the total number is removed, leaving the "3. The final result will look like 1, 5, and 73. In the same manner, players can select the second number set as previously mentioned. Sattamatka can be played by players in various markets, including 7 Kalyan matka, satta batta, Rajdhani matka, Milan matka, matka bazar, etc. Simply pick a market from the ones offered and then begin betting. It is enough to select the Satta Matka lottery that you want to participate in first, then choose the bookmaker with whom you wish to play. Apply the satta calculation formula and then select the type of bet. Choose the section on which you wish to bet, then select your preferred number(s), and then place your bet. Finally, look over the outcomes.

Q13: Does the chart for Satta include the entirety of Satta Markets?

The Satta Matka chart has all the market statuses. has become the biggest betting platform that allows many to play this game of betting to make more money. The game is based on formulas, calculations, and mathematical calculations. The Satta Matka chart has the entire satta market to ensure that everyone can get any kind of Satta result easily. It doesn't matter what they wish to see on the Sattamatka chart.

Q14: How can we win the Matka Game?

It is possible to win a Matka game through experience and techniques. By making a precise guess on Matka, the game can make a lot of cash. It is possible to play the game safely by using 3 or 4 numbers daily, and if you wish to know these numbers, you can download the digits from our website. However, you must remember that you must be practical and efficient when engaging in Satta Matka. The luck of the draw is important, and every day won't be your lucky day! You could be lucky on certain days but lose on others. However, you should not let your optimism or mood wane because winning is more exciting than losing when playing Satta Matka.

Q15: Is it legal to play the Satta Matka gambling game in India?

Satta Matka is legal in India, but only on the online platform. However, before you play, you have to pick the most trusted betting game. We are the most reliable and genuine website for online Satta Matka. However, this gaming or wagering isn't legal at the time you begin playing offline. It is all dependent on the entertainment industry and how you will be able to guess when you play the game of Satta Matka online electronically. However, gambling games such as casinos as well as other gambling games played offline are not permitted in India since they cause political issues. Many people are still worried that the game is illegal; however, online gambling is not an offense.

Q16: Are the Sattamatka game results authentic?

If you're playing with a reliable site such as, the Satta Matka results on this website are accurate. All you need to do is understand the betting game correctly and know the declaration date for game results. You can find here quick Satta Matka results, Sattamatka, Satta Matka chart Matka results, Satta Matka fix Matka results, and many more. Our website is the top option for betting on the game online, and here you can get the best and most accurate guess by our top guesser and quick Matka results. Are the results of Sattamatka games authentic or not? It is dependent on the website you choose to use for checking the results of Sattamatka. Always select a reliable site.

Q17: What do you think of the Satta Matka types?

There are a variety of matkas, including single, Jodi, and patta. It is possible to play it as a half Satta or as a full Sangam. Single refers to one digit, which could be closed or open. Jodi is a term used to describe the two digits in the word Jodi that can be closed or open. In Patti, there are 3 numbers, either open or closed.

Q18: How do I get Matka Jodi?

There isn't any method or concept for this. People who have experience may be able to get Matka Jodi. It is all dependent on the set numbers that you pick. Try to select the most exciting numbers. If you're a novice player and are looking to begin playing, there is no need to be hesitant to try a Satta game. Our expert will guide you through the entire process and give you the chance to make a huge profit. Follow our suggestions and strategies and begin playing online. If you have any queries about the game, you can ask your question on our forum; we'll answer your query within the shortest amount of time.

Q19: What is it that makes humans so interested in these Satta games?

Satta Matka is a conventional game from India that has become well-known among the population in the 1990s. In the beginning, it is separated from the rest of us. However, in the past few years, its popularity has diminished due to the following factors: People are offered a variety of options for participating in this game. Everyone likes to win extra cash in a hurry. Many people enjoy playing challenging Satta games that force players to accumulate their money at a single location.

Q20: What's the goal of our website?

The goal of our website is to provide information about lottery games in India. Indian lottery. Satta is a website that provides information on the Indian lottery. Satta's website was designed to connect those who wish to bet on Indian lotteries to authorized sellers. It lets users put bets in lotteries, receive information on upcoming lotteries, and then collect the winnings.

Q21: What is is a well-known Satta Matka online gaming website from India. It assists in winning prizes in the game of Satta Matka. It is a reliable site and includes all the well-known Matka Satta panels.

Q22: Why should you choose

It is recommended that you pick for the top-quality services it offers. You can find the exact results of the most renowned Matka Satta on this website in real-time. The information the website offers to guess the winning number is quite precise as well.

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We are among the leading Matka Satta number websites in the world. Contact for the Satta Matka Guessing Forum to be a winner of the Satta Matka Chart. We are the top site in the field of the Satta Matka Chart with 100% accurate Satta Matka number guessing. All of our Satta Matka game results are available directly, and we also have our own Matka results board that has proven to be successful for many years.

We are among the most well-known sites for all charts. Take a look at the Satta Matka Chart to fix the chart and solve Matka numbers. We are a large platform that allows many to play to earn. There are many types of players using our platform and testing their luck. A lot of people earn a lot of money playing games every day and making a lot of cash.

Our website is very informative and authentic for the official Satta Matka Find the speediest Satta Matka results by visiting to find Satta, Matka, Matka Satta, and Satta Matka Chart. is a major betting platform, and a lot of players use this platform to earn money. The majority of the wealthy in India are hooked on this game. Based on the rules of gambling, some players have lost money while others have made a significant amount of money. The game is fully based on mathematical calculations and formulas. It is always based on tricks, lines, and table tricks. Additionally, there is a specially developed team of consultants to assist players with all Matka problems. They've received Satta Matka results every day, as well as the chart for the panel, which aids in determining the right variation from prior Matka results. Contact us if you are searching for 100% Satta Matka results.

About Satta Matka

Satta Matka is a type of gambling. You can call it the king of betting because Satta Matka is played out on a massive scale. However, any type of gambling is prohibited in India; despite that, Satta Matka is widely played in India. The game is on. The game is played in the absence of law enforcement. There is a high risk of loss with Satta Matka, but it has many advantages, due to which many players are attracted to it.

Matka gambling, also known as Satta, is one form of lottery that was originally based on betting on the closing and opening rates of cotton that was sourced from the New York Cotton Exchange. It was first introduced at the time of Indian independence and was also known as AnkadaJugar ("figures betting"). The 1960s saw the method replaced with different methods to generate random numbers, such as pulling slips from the large earthenware pot referred to as a matka or playing cards. Matka gambling is prohibited in India.

In the first version of Matka, betting was to be placed on the closing and opening rates of cotton as they were transmitted through the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange using teleprinters. In 1961, the New York Cotton Exchange stopped the practice, which led the gamblers to seek alternatives to maintain the Matka industry in existence. Rattan Khatri introduced the idea of naming the closing and opening rates for imaginary products. The numbers were drawn on pieces of paper and then placed in a Matka, which is a large earthen pot. A person would then draw a chit and announce the winners. Through the years, the rules were changed so that the three numbers were drawn from a set of playing cards. However, the term "Matka" was not changed. The year 1962 was when Kalyanji Bhagat began playing the Worli Matka.

Rattan Khatri introduced the New Worlimatka in 1964, making slight changes in the regulations of the sport. Kalyanji Bhagat's Matka was played every day during the week, but Rattan Khatri's matka was played only five days per week, from Monday through Friday. In the heyday of factories producing textiles in Mumbai, the mill workers took part in Matka. This resulted in bookshops opening within and around mills, mostly on the outskirts of central Mumbai. Central Mumbai became the hub of Satta Matka bonded business in Mumbai. The decade of the 1990s as well as the 1980s saw the matka industry grow to its height. Betting volumes above Rs. 500 crores will be spread every month. The Mumbai police's huge crackdown on matka dens forced dealers to move their headquarters to the city's outskirts. A lot of them relocated to Gujarat, Rajasthan, and other states. Without a major source of gambling inside the capital city, Gamblers began to look for other gambling venues like online and lotteries in Zhatpat. In the meantime, wealthy punters started to look into betting on cricket games. In 1995, there were more than 2,000 large and midsize bookies in the city and nearby towns; however, the number of bookies has dropped dramatically and is now less than 300. In recent times, when? The average monthly turnover has been maintained at around 100 crores.

Satta Matka's significance

The game demands that you discover the most amazing opportunities and have the chance to win hand-in-hand. Satta Matka began with two types of trading. Kalyan Matka is among the most trusted and acknowledged places where you can play Satta Matka games presently, with more than 1,000 organizers in the game. You can now play Satta Matka online. Satta Matka game over the internet at your own home. In this scenario, Kalyan Matka's center is an established point that is adored by lots of players. The Online Satta Matka game's system of digital guessing is entirely dependent on the entertainment component. Satta is another term for the game that is played in summer houses. The game became famous in Nepal before spreading across India. It is most popular in the northern areas of India.

Satta Matka Bazar is the most frequently used word in Matka assimilation and Hindi. Satta Matka is a well-known summerhouse game that is well-known among all games played in summer houses, and players from all over the world are eager to play and enjoy the game. For them, Satta Matka isn't a brand new creation. It has been around for a long time and has gained popularity on the internet. Satta Matka is an instigative element of the game, where you have to pick your Jodi significantly to be able to win the match. Satta Matka is an ideal source of entertainment and the ideal way to spend your time. It not only pleases you but also provides you with the opportunity to earn as much as you want to. Satta Matka is a type of gambling (lottery game) in which random numbers are employed to make bets. We're the most viewed online Satta Matka website that provides the quickest Satta Matka result and Satta number. Keep in touch with us on our website to get the most efficient Satta Matka charts.

Reason for Satta Matka Popularity

We all know that there are many games online, but they're only meant for entertainment. Satta Matka is the only game that gives you the chance to play a simple game that is easy to play and earn a huge amount of cash. Additionally, the results of this game are posted online, and work is posted twice per day.

Another reason behind the game's popularity is the positive feedback from the game as well as the greater number of earning successful opportunities. Apart from playing this game, you can continue your business or job and complete your work using the most secure methods.

You can play around with different techniques to win this

For instance, you can look at the past performance of any market. The number has come up most often; you can bet on it as the odds of it occurring are greater. Or, you could do it in the same manner as repeated numbers—when the number is repeated, you can sit down as well since that number could be repeated. Some techniques are accessible; for instance, when you search the site or Google, you will find the names of those who can help with this technique. They can also be consulted for the lucky number for the trick by consulting them. You will be able to plan how much you can spend online and the amount of money you'll get.

What terminology is used in the Satta Matka?

In Satta Matka, it is necessary to recognize or understand various phrases. The most prominent word is "Matka," along with other terms like "single," "Jodi," "Patti," "SP," "DP," "boss matka," "TP," etc. and more are utilized, and are used in Satta Matka, which is similar to Satta Matka. It was stated:

(Matka): "Matka" is made from "Matka," which comes from "clay pot." (Matka): Earlier, the tool was used to draw numbers.

Single: Any digit that is between zero and nine in betting is included. That is single.
A Jodi/Even: attempt of two digits that fall between 00 and ninety-nine can be considered to be a Jodi/Even.
Patti/Virgo: when 3 digits are included in the outcome of a bet, the 3-digit variants are referred to as Patti/Virgo. Only the 3-digit collection code is utilized.
Open Result/Closed Result: The Matka betting outcome is divided into two parts. The first part is designated "Open Results." Therefore, the second portion is identified as "Closed Results."
SP/DP/TP: S.P. is "single patta" as in 345; displaced is "double patta" like 335. T.P. is Triple Patti, like 333;
C.P. (Patti Cycle): The two last numbers from the Patti are known as C.P., or the Patti Cycle, as well as C.P. (for instance, if you find that the probabilities of your Patti are 57 and that is not correct (the Patti Cycle is 57e Patti Cycle is 57),
Farak: A distinction between a close and, consequently, an open result is known in the category of " (for example, with the caveat that Jodi/couple 39 9-3 = 2 can be described as "freak").
Brij: Brij is the final digit of the Jodi or Pair number. (If you have a pair of 69 numbers, then 6 + 9 = 15. By way of example, the previous number was 5, which means Berij is 3. Berij is 3;


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Disclaimer strongly recommends that you go to and browse through this website at your own risk. The information on this site is solely for informational purposes and is based on astrology and numerology calculations. We are not in any way connected or associated with any illegal gaming or gambling enterprise. We adhere to the rules and regulations of the areas in which you visit the site. It could be forbidden or illegal in your area. If you continue to use our website regardless of the ban, you are solely responsible for any damage or loss that has occurred or any legal action that is taken. We urge you to leave our site immediately if you do not agree with our disclaimer. Copying any content or information that is posted on our website is strictly forbidden and a violation of the law.

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